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Our space available is about 1,550 sq ft on 11/F and 12/F on each floor.  11/F is suitable for larger events such as seminars, workshops and events and 12/F is suitable for hourly, daily and monthly rental of a private room for meetings, workshops and more. Spanning 3,100 sq ft of hectic-free environment at a convenient location, our 11/F open area welcoming up to 65 students, freelancers, start-up groups, WFH individuals and of course walk-ins. Upon request made in advance, we can arrange a whiteboard for your meeting, TV with projector function for your seminar, also flexible setting changes, free of charge of course, our treat; if you have documents that need printing during your brainstorming session, just ask our staff online about a printing package.

on the 11/F

Suited for your needs for venue rental - private events/workshops/seminars/meeting room