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Hot desks price by hour / day / month


Hot desk by the hour,

with minimum one-hour commitment to your work, while enjoying each and every one of the services we provide

(*all per-head prices)

1 hour

3 hours

Night pass

+ 30mins






Hot desks by the day,

with our most popular 1 day hot desk plan just $98 (SPECIAL OFFER), you can stay from 10am to 10pm, like the marathon-type you are

(*all per-head prices)

1 day

5 days

15 days


$525 (+ free locker)

*valid within 1 year

$1500 (+ free locker)
*valid within 1 year


Hot desks by any 30-day in 1 year

the hardcore ones cramming for an upcoming exam that you haven’t even started yet, or a self-made founder of an innovative start-up preparing a pitch that could land you lifetime success

(*all per-head prices)

$2,200 (+ free locker)
*valid within 1 year

$1,100 (+ free locker)
*valid within 1 year


30 days

30 nights

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BOOK a hotdesk /meeting room

   Hot desks in
   Causeway Bay,
   talk about 
   & possibilities

Allow us to bring in the teaser – we have more than tables and chairs, I mean, even if you’re the type that can go through a whole day in one sitting, at least get up for a cup, or a stretch or something, take a look at some of the services we provide that are open to patrons coming for even just an hour or a 1 day hot desk.


*arissto coffee, artisan craftsmanship made in Italy, a capsule with every $100 spent at OONIQUE, also applicable to $98/day 1 day hot desk plan, just make up your mind wanting coffee or tea?

No bookings or reservations required for hot desks at our Causeway Bay space, just contemplate how long you’d like to stay and simply drop by.

By the way, our hot desks in Causeway Bay are at the heart of area, giving absolutely no reason for our patrons to feel trapped, if you need a well-deserved break from working hard as a bee, there are convenient stores, restaurants, malls nearby, and definitely no worries about catching the train.


   Don’t be a stranger, 
   become regular 
   instead and 
   enjoy perks

While we keep extending our hot desks in Causeway Bay to the ever-growing groups of people, we make sure to keep expanding the variety of rewards at the same time, so stay tuned to many more to come in our program.

Remember bring in the stamp card you got when you first registered; collect a little thank-you every 5 stamps.


   Ask about our
   hot desks in
   Causeway Bay  

Is there a more cost effective way if I wanted to print a pile of notes?

We do have printing packages – $50 for 150 pages of black & white copies, same price goes for 30 pages of colour copies while using our hot desks in Causeway Bay.

How much for scanning?

Free! Though, do be considerate and refrain from scanning like a whole book LOL

And what if I want to scan some documents and they contain sensitive information?

Simply enter your email address at our scanner panel, the documents will go straight to your mailbox without us knowing a thing.

I'm here for the $98 / 1 day hot desk offer, can I get a capsule?
Yeah, the $98 / 1 day hot desk is a special offer that includes 1 capsule per purchase, if you wanted coffee milk it's only $5, as well as another capsule purchased on its own!

If I come with a friend and one of us gets the 50% off discount, are we still getting the capsule(s)?

As long as the total amount exceeds $100, you're getting 1 capsule with every hundred spent.

How do I secure a locker if I'm going out for a few hours?

Whole day $10, just return the key card to staff when you leave for the day.

Can I have a group discussion session using your hot desk in Causeway Bay instead of booking a room?

Sure can, just be aware of your volume not to disturb other guests, you're more than welcome to exchange exciting ideas.

Can I skip getting gifts and save up stamps for a free 1 day hot desk pass instead?

A million yes, we'll see you on your Free Pass day :)

Can I combine stamps with a friend?

Yes, as long as you don't mind sharing the gift between you, we don't judge.

*Free Day Pass goes to one person ONLY*

I'm a first-timer, is there anything I need to do / bring to use your hot desk in Causeway Bay?

Honestly, just bring your charger if you're using a laptop and earplugs, then you're all set!


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