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Whether you go by groups, pace in pairs or work a lone wolf, every few steps of a dream-chaser count, so is every penny – that’s where co studying space or a co working space come in, helping with space shortage in Hong Kong.

You may know boutiques in Causeway Bay, but you haven’t visited a boutique study space / coworking space in Causeway Bay. We provide different types of study space and rate options for patrons with different needs.

While you type “co study space hk” in the search bar, there could be alternatives all around Hong Kong, though we stood out as a community-centric coworking in Causeway Bay instead of real-estate-centric serviced offices, we building communities with commercial services such as printing and scanning for freelance professionals, remote workers and small-to-medium enterprises (SMEs) in our study space in Hong Kong.

There is an increasing number in co study space HK establishments, the rising number of such co studying spaces is related to the rising recognition of the needs of changing from traditional 9-5 office life, to a more adaptive (if not nomad) style of working literally everywhere, except the office. Honestly, finding a co study space in Hong Kong isn’t that hard, but finding a said coworking in Causeway Bay or Hong Kong with a seat is another story. The prices included most of the amenities and services we have in our co study in Causeway Bay, sometimes you just need a little pick-me-up to keep going forward, and on that note, our study space has got you.

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Coworking Spaces in HK 


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   Tour around    
   the study space
   in Hong Kong    

The zones at our coworking and co study space come in different shapes and sizes, radiating different vibes if you will, take a tour around our study space in Causeway Bay, and have a look at our layout and what’s offered. As a coworking slash co study space in HK, accommodating groups of talented individuals is what we do.

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For some of you who have never been to a co study space in Hong Kong,

here is a step-by-step to ease your mind.

1  –  Make an inquiry about whatever concerns you might have about coming to our coworking / co study in Causeway Bay.


3  –  Select a preferred date and time and check with staff if any spaces at our co study in Causeway Bay is still available


4  –  Let us know if there are any special requirements while using our study space in Hong Kong, such as setting change / use projector on TV / need extra chairs etc.

5  –  Longer the period, lower the price of our study space, ask away!

6  –  Choose a payment method for using our co study in Causeway Bay. We do FPS, Octopus and Cash.


7  –  Send us a screenshot of the payment, along with your name, email address and phone number so that the friendly staff at our coworking space in Causeway Bay can contact you effectively.

8  –  Receive booking confirmation from our co study space in HK.

9  –  Simply show our staff your co studying space booking details and you’re in!

There could be change of opening hours, or sudden announcements, and nobody wants to travel all the way in vain, for that. Therefore, our coworking in Causeway Bay encourages you to follow us on social media for the latest updates, possibly where most of the coworking/co study space HK promotions go up and you get the best of deals.


   Zoom-in on
   how it's done
   at our
   coworking / 
   co study space

Can I repeatedly leave the co study space and return?
Yes, within the duration of your plan, you can use the keyless entry app KISI to enter/exit our study space in Causeway Bay, as well as using the washrooms of course.

How do I store my belongings at the co study space while I'm away?
We have lockers for rent with a small fee to secure your valuables, check with staff at our study space!

What kind of refreshment does the co study space offer?
Starting off with complimentary instant coffee and tea bags, as well as some biscuits and sweets, and our study space in Hong Kong has #Well smart water station installed at the pantry – bring your own bottle, stay hydrated. Refrigerated options are available for reference with our study space Causeway Bay price list. Introducing Arissto capsule coffee/tea, patrons get 1 cup with every $100 spent at the co study space, made in Italy, so you can co study and co work with artisanship.

Can I bring my own drinks/snacks to the co studying space?
Yes, we allow light deli, as long as you refrain from attacking others' nostrils, by all means if you prefer drinks and snacks from delightful cafes nearby, our staff at co study space Hong Kong would definitely like to know too!

Can I refund halfway through the use of co study space hour/day/month pass?
No refunds will be allowed after you have started using your pass. Account transfer is also not permitted. Please refer to our cancellation policies here.

Can I come to the coworking space Causeway Bay for video calls / business meetings?
Sure do! Though, please keep in mind that there are others using our coworking in Causeway Bay, voices might be heard through the mic, and it goes both ways if you're not using earbuds. Please be considerate to not disturb the ones around you while at our study space.

Is group discussion / tutoring allowed at any part of the coworking space in Causeway Bay?
All zones except for our sound-reduced room “Library” are open to chats, not chants of course. Please be considerate not to disturb the ones around you while at our coworking in Causeway Bay.

How do I reserve a seat for a certain period of time for myself / friends?
Hot desks at our co study space in Hong Kong currently don’t require booking, but if you have preferences, you can always Whatsapp our co study HK staff and see if there’s anything we can make work with (wink).


   Track down
   co study / 
   coworking in 
   Causeway Bay

OONIQUE co study “slash” coworking in Causeway Bay provides flexible setting, rate options and all things that help with creativity, productivity and efficiency, we held high hopes that our study space is to be a co studying sanctuary in Hong Kong and a stylish coworking space in busy Causeway Bay for talented minds alike to get lined up.

Shoutout to students, slashers, seekers desperate for a co studying space or spot to spend some time in between your schedule, with every intention to provide a hectic-free environment with convenience. Our study space in Hong Kong is just a minute-walk away from the station’s exit C, sparing your time trying to grab a seat at other study space or rooms; trying to focus at a buzzing coffee shop when they’ve got delicious distractions; trying to save up for actually renting an office that you probably won’t use as much space or as much time, this is where our co study space in Hong Kong can be of great convenience.

To get this off the ground, fill in the blocks if you wish to make a booking at our study space in Causeway Bay, or if curiosity strikes and a specific detail that we haven’t included that spark your interests, just drop us a note, and we’ll get back to you with all the info you need to consider before joining our co studying space!

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